(on going project)

These are photos from summer trips to Andalucia, Spain, where I am from. These images were taken between 2012 and 2019 in the provinces of Jaen, Granada, Malaga and Cadiz. They are small fragments of the land where I grew up. These are images from a place that where I sometimes feel the paradoxes of time and memory. Sometimes, the customs and ways of life here are reminiscent of times that no longer exist. It’s as though life here has been still in history, and time inches along infinitesimally inside of an alternate temporality. When I walk the streets of these villages where I grew up, I feel like I am approaching an innocent time, where nothing bad can happen, where the sound and the fury of the modern world is on pause. Everything here seems to function under different orders of control and nothing changes too quickly. For me, when I am here, I approach a comfortable zone in time and space, and within myself. This is my land, where I feel myself, transfixed in Mediterranean sunlight, where colors tell the stories that shaped my life, where the wind floats memories that remind me of why I see the world as I do, and where the perennial light always draws me back to the timeless forms of beauty in land where I was raised.