"Two figures in Cave’s handmade Soundsuits galloped down one of the entry ramps onto the Dequindre Cut; one in black and one in white, dancing angelically. The materials on the Soundsuit garments were draped effortlessly — like long, and thick strands of hair — as the dancers gracefully gallop up and down in the humid summer air. A live band playing “toy pop” lead by composer Frank Pahl preceded the dancers.

The two figures in black and white Soundsuits danced along the Dequindre walkway until they reached the underpass nestled beneath Lafayette Street, which was filled with a crowd of several hundred spectators. More dancers joined the two who began the performance. The additional men and women are dressed in tailored tuxedo shirts and leotards. The dancers, choreographed by performance artist Biba Bell, continue to perform on a makeshift stage made of wooden chips as they seamlessly infuse elements of modern dance, influenced by architecture, and visual art."

Taylor Renee Aldridge for Detroit Metrotimes